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Historias de la India
Blog about indian culture, traditions and relationships in spanish
you are an indian wife
An impulsive marriage to an Indian boy
My adventures in India
On a whim, I packed my bags and moved in with my in-laws in India for two months. Keep up with my trials, triumphs, lessons learned and all-around crazy experience here.
vanilla Chocolate
An interracial couple sharing their thoughts and ideas about their life and experiences.
Peacock Skirt
A girl from Texas and a boy from India - the progress of our relationship, about our marriage, and funny intercultural stories.
Masala Bou
Mixed race British girl's search for her lost Indian half linked to marriage to her Bengali husband
Crossing Over... Indian Style!
A Portuguese woman (living in Australia) falls in love and marries an Indian man. Our love story and life as a multicultural couple.
nepali jiwan
This blog is about our Nepali jiwan, “Nepali life.” It’s about our day-to-day successes and struggles and is a place where I share thoughts about and reactions to Nepal, Nepali culture, the US, American Culture, and lots of other things.
Journey of Life
My journey with my partner in life
Nepali born Australian who is living in west with values of east and married to traditional Nepali man.
ESL Marriage
He’s from India, I’m American. He’s kind and gracious, I’m sarcastic and extroverted. His first language is Hindi, mine’s English. He grew up Hindu, I grew up Catholic. Join us in laughing and learning!
When Latke Met Ladki
“Can a vegetarian Jewish guy and an omnivorous Desi girl happily live together?”
singhnee - cooking, keertan, happiness
a multicultural vegetarian cooking blog from our multicultural kitchen. featuring sikh devotional music to cook by, and anecdotes from our life together.
My Chardi Kala Life - Life in Punjab
Australian girl meets Punjabi boy, fall in love, get married and wind up living in Amritsar, India. Read my blog for the craziness that follows.
Southern Life, Indian Wife
Glimpses into the World of Intercultural Marriage and Family
I Know We're Lost but Soon We'll Be Found
I'm a white woman from Minnesota living in Maharashtra. I recently married a man from Nagaland and my blog is about our life together as we learn and figure out how to meld our two cultures to form our new family culture.
Nepal mero maya
relationship about a german nepalese coupple and impressions from nepal
Two worlds combined
A blog about the intercultural relationship between a Swedish girl (the writer) and a Nepali guy, both living in Sweden at the moment.
Cris en la India
Española vivendo en India.Antes residi en Escocia.Mi marido es de Mumbai. He creado este blog para compartir vivencias con familia, amigos y demas gente que se encuentre en una situacion similar o que simplemente desea aprender sobre otras culturas.
Peach Days And Curry Nights
Our cross continental, long distance, intercultural relationship between gori and desi.
Desi Girl in Charge
To empower Desi women to overcome cultural limitations by living consciously and courageously, to dispel misconceptions and discrimination, to promote acceptance of self and others, and encourage freedom of thought.
Loving an Indian
After three years of living two lives in two different countries I've moved to India to live with my lovely Indian husband. Loving an Indian is all about cross-cultural relationships, culture differences, recipes and more!
Love on the Beach
The story of my 5+ year relationship with my British-Indian other half. We met on a beach in England in 2007 and the blog is about then and now.
Delhi Diary
My take on Delhi, living in India, and anything else that catches my eye
Life of a Gori niqabi wife
White American girl converts to Islam and marries Pakistani man

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