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Mt. Hope Chronicles
Celebrating the little things... living in the country with 3 little boys, homeschooling, photography, decorating and design, books, and this wonderful thing called life.
Fanning the Flame
Sarah CB's blog about homelearning, parenting, Suzuki violin and life in general.
True Blessings Homeschool
I am a born-again christian with 8 children. Some in college, christian school, and homeschool. Enjoying my family every day.
King Alfred Academy
I am a reading, thinking, researching, Grey's Anatomy watching, Norah Jones listening, Arrested Development quoting, Anglican mom and wife, classically teaching my boys (Magnus 7 & Thane 5), with a Charlotte Mason influence, at home. Also using TOG!
75 and Sunny
Living by the grace of God in Southern California.
One Sixteenth
Blog of a secular/pagan, Latin-loving, libertarian mom homeschooling four boys.
Picking Up Pebbles
The musings of a Christian homeschool mom as well as pictures and school updates.
Chartwell Academy and Pook's Hill Nursery
We "JumpedIntoTheDeepEndFirst" and began a classically inspired homeschooling program.
Core Foundations
A place where I can think a little, laugh a lot and enjoy learning. The simple ravings of a homeschooling military wife of 4 incredibly rambunctious boys. Also a great resource for subject schedules.
A Mommy Moment
I'm a Christian homeschooling mom educating our four daughters the classical way.
Classical Homeschooling While Hawaiian Dreami
Weekly reports, curriculum reviews, and pictures of projects and lapbooks.
Trivium Academy
We're actively living and learning in love with Charlotte Mason and neoclassical methods.
Two Thirds Unschooling
Catholic long time homeschoolers using a mix of LCC and unschooling.
Like I Have Time For This?
A secular homeschooling blog, often funny, rated PG-13 for language, heavy sarcasm, and the die-hard belief in evolution.
A Common Shepherdess
Random entries about homeschooling and daily life
The Unlikely Schoolhouse
My newly revamped blog about homeschooling my two young daughters in the classical style.
Permanent Things
A Traditional Classical/ Charlotte Mason Homeschooler trying to cultivate Virtue and Wisdom in my 3 children. I am also engaged in the sometimes painful process of becoming Fully Human in Christ. (cajun.classical on WTM Boards)
Classical Ed Our Way
We are a secular homeschooling family of 5 (3 children, a dad and a mom) teaching at home since 1999.
Tales of Homeschool
Homeschooling, knitting, sewing, reading, and general daily life. Oh, and lots of Irish Dance. We tend to drift off the subject easily, though, so by next year this could be about cats, wallpaper removal, and cooking.
Our Nest of 3
I created this blog to share bits of our life with you. Our faith. Our journey. Our homeschooling. Our passions. Our pursuits.
Smooth Stones Academy
We are classically homeschooling our boys using the Well Trained Mind as our inspiration. We believe it is the best method to achieve the results we desire for our children - even with the challenges of our oldest being ADHD.
Fairly Square
We're not hip, but we do like Latin. That has to count for something.
Giggles, Wiggles and Wonder
A journal of learning and discovery with a high-powered six year old
Two Moms' Homeschool
Two moms. One kid. We homeschool. Hitch a ride courtesy of your very own Tejas Mamacita. ;-)
Love Learning Laughter
This blog explores the thoughts and accomplishments of a busy homeschooling family. I am a mom of 5, homeschooling with a relaxed classical/CM style.

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