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Homeschooling a 5-year-old with Five in a Row and everything else we can dream up.
Concordia Classical Academy
'm homeschooling my children in rural, northern Minnesota. We're following the Well Trained Mind with some Charlotte Mason influences.
Family Life + Creativity
Russman's Spot
Blog about our family...a day in our life, classical homeschooling
The Bookworms
The ins and outs of 4 little book worms educated at home by mom with classical education methods.
House Full of Boys
We are a homeschooling family who follows The Well Trained Mind curriculum.
What's it like to homeschool in New York City? Come join us as we live and learn in the greatest city in the world!
Kickbutt's Crazy Lapbooks
I use every type of teaching style at my disposal - units, lapbooking, literary, etc. While I have definite 'attachment parenting' tendencies (I nursed for almost 3 years) I have no problem being a drill sargent at times!
The Firefly Files
Homeschooling, harvesting, and aspiring to sustainable living on our 300 year old New England mini-farm.
Teaching Stars
Classically homeschooling with a dash of whatever strikes our fancy.
Much Ado About Nothing
Sharing our adventures as a classically educating homeschool family.
A Child's Garden
There are a few things I really, really love: 1) my family; 2) teaching; 3) anything to do with science and the natural world; 4) God. These four things I love to put together in any combination, and then watch what grows. Welcome to my "garden."
Tales of a Floridamom
General family life including gardening, crafting, our pets, and cooking, homeschooling a teenager, homeschooling an only child.
Avalon Preparatory School
Our classical, Catholic, rigorous homeschool.
Crescent Ridge Academy
Classical homeschooling in rural Idaho
Living life and learning
Homeschooling mama to 3 monkeys.
Homeschooling Or Who's Ever Even Home
Our journey homeschooling a musical child and dealing with her musical and athletic brothers in school.
Days of Wonder
Homeschooling/healthy eating blog
The Planted Trees
A blog about homeschooling, cooking, motherhood, and life.
Miss Edumacated
(Blog) definition: to go against the grain; re-invent the wheel; keep the spark alive. Homeschooling with 3. Atlas (6), Chaos (4) & Eve (3). Lots of resources, links and Planning pics!
Enchanted Winter
Home and homeschooling in rural Minnesota.
Feather on a Breeze
Blogging about life and homeschooling.
Adventures in full-time homeschooling and part-time lawyering.
dragons in the flower bed
In our secular/Pagan homeschool we mix a lot of LCC and a little CM in with the WTM. I also blog about gentle discipline, having been unschooled myself, our lesson plans and helps (in PDF form) and our back-to-the-land project.
Classless and Lovin' It
Christian Homeschool Mama spouting about whatever is in my head at the moment.

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