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We Do Not Have A Knitting Problem
Two-hip, thirty-something girls who finally got sick of texting each other pictures of their finished they started this blog!!! And as a way to justify their stash to their loved ones!!!
A knitting and/or house blog. With some wacky stories thrown in for good measure.
Homestead Knitting
My journey as a mom,knitter, spinner, and other aspects of my life...
Have Yarn, Will Sometimes Travel
Adventures of a transplanted New England girl in DC...after a year on my own in Boston, this "DC thing" is going to be quite an experience...
Aimless Tangents
Never off topic!
The House at Two Palms
Where she flutters from one topic to another, like a butterfly drunk on fermented fruit.
Momma Monkey
Momma Monkey babbles on.
The Illustrated Adventures of Owlie, Vol. 1
where Owlie writes stuff. And occasionally adds pictures.
Yo! ZMK knits!
For posts that are rare and precious. And about knitting. Kind of.
Meowser Purrrls
and also knits.
Abrupt Change of Topic
Knitting and stuff
Katydid Knits
Knitting, crocheting, and spinning in the suburbs of DC.
X you are here
50% knitting/50% chemistry 100% Nerd
Nicole the Knitting Goddess
A knitting goddess who loves to share her life on the interweb.
Glim Knits
another knitting blog :)
A blog about a pinkphish knitting.
The Woolcat
me and my knitting
Bagatell: Knitting in Norway
Knitting! Other stuff!
I Knit Therefore I Blog
crabby knitter tries to be funny and clever
I Knit Therefore I blog
yadda yadda ding dong
Veronica's Crafts
My crafts :) Knitting, crochet, sewing..
"Interfusion" means a composite or a mix of things. I chose it because I write about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment, knitting included.
Sweet Knittilicious Spot
...just another girl with a cat, a big stash, an obsession with pointy sticks and shiny objects!

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