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Colin Fitzpatrick's Blog
Personal blog for Sharebro Colin Fitzpatrick
We Have Lasers!!!!!!!!!!!
a site for laser portraits.
a site for proud sharebro lindsey weber.
visual inventory
inventory of mad visuals
a cool site
He Felt Here and There
Infrequent tumbls.
Bobby Finger
Finger being Finger, you know, just Finger.
That's What She Said
Whimsy and bullshit.
Hard Liquor, Soft Holes
Hard Liquor, Soft Holes
I Cooked This, NBD
A blog of stuff Sharebro Colin cooked
Weird Asian Food Reviews
I pass by an asian supermarket everyday on my way home from work. I walk in, buy some random shit and review it here.
Zero Views
The best of the bottom of the barrel. The least watched videos online.