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A Keyboard and a .45
Second Amendment and other civil liberties.
And I ask Whose Paranoid are you?
Opinions from a man who realized one day he was paranoid, but then realized that he was not sure just “Whose Paranoid” he was and just decided to say- read the blog and draw your own conclusion.
I'm at the top of my food chain.
Armed and Safe
Started as a site where I attempted to debunk the worst of the lies propagated by the civilian disarmament lobby--it's evolved into a general gun rights blog.
Oldsmoblogger: Slow and In the Way
Individual liberty, the right to keep and bear arms, free-market capitalism, and other stuff.
Shooting The Messenger
Eclectic gunnery
Gun Law News
Tracking federal firearm legislation.
US v Fincher Blog
A central repository for information regarding the case against Lt. Commander Wayne Fincher of the Washington County, Arkansas Militia.
CZ the day
A website devoted to the discussion of shooting CZ handguns, handguns in general, target and self-defense subjects.
Arkansas Watch
Conservative discussion of politics & culture, state & national, with an emphasis on that which affects the people of Arkansas.
The Swamp Fox Files
Formerly known as OpenDoor News, The Swamp Fox Files is a A Bible-believing publication dedicated to defending the Liberty and Freedom guranteed to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Tomato 7
Guns, politics, local notes from the wild Appalachian foothills.
Captain of a Crew of One
Rantings and Ruminations of a Broken Down old Sailor
The Citizens Journal
A modern day pamphleteer
Armed & Christian
The rantings and musings of a Christian who loves his country, fears his government, and hates the direction the latter is taking the former.
The Shamgar Report
This blog covers Arkansas Politics and profiles Third Party Candidates. Also articles on religion and wrestling are posted. Along with stories and poems
Ride Fast & Shoot Straight
Motorcycles, firearms, liberty and how to keep and maintane them.
Truth Versus Evil
A Livejournal from Scotland. I admit to being a bit ranty at times, but I do try to stay as truthful as possible.
Jefferson Republican Party Blog
Official blog for the Jefferson Republican Party. Home for JRP press releases, announcements and news.
Hillbilly White Trash
Blogging about politics, current events, firearms and whatever else crosses my mind.
The Armed Cynic
My blog about liberty and freedom in America, mostly centered on gun rights.
2nd Amendment site
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety
Survival Strategies
Notes on Frugal Survival, Preparedness, and Self-Sufficiency.
Freedom Fighter Radio
The most poltically incorrect uncompromising Radio Show defending freedom and exposing the enemies of freedom and liberty both foreign and domeastic.

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