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Ah, Shoot!
A journey from new shooter to Rifleman with occasional stops to talk politics, society, and anything else I fancy.
Airfoof's guns!
The guns I have, the guns I want to have, and the guns I will have.
Military History in the Making & the Politics of War
Ammo Can Carnival
The Ammo Can Carnival!
The right to keep and bear arms, occasional attempts at satire, frequent recourse to sarcasm, and anyhing else I can think of.
Captain of a Crew of One
Musings and ruminations of a broken down old sailor.
Cogito Ergo Geek
IPSC-related content, much video of IPSC matches. Also RKBA issues, cultural rants, blah blah blah it's not like I don't have an opinion.
Conservative UAW Guy, The
Blue-collar conservative union member. That is not an oxymoron. We do exist.
Crime, Guns, and Video Tape
A private investigator that handles cases where gun owners are charged with crims after using justifiable self-defense.
Firing For Effect . . .
Firearms, USPSA/IPSC, Sierra Nevada,
Gun Show On The Net
Hoping to light a hot enough fire to get people REALLY ANGRY about what is happening to this country! Have a strong feeling this country is headed for very serious problems.
Liberty Zone
A weblog dealing with Second Amendment issues and general principles of life, liberty, property and the freedoms that safeguard those pronciples.
Moral Flexibility.Net
The ramblings of a zombocalypse ready, hoplophile Cannuck!
Mr. Completely
A collection of shooting sports, humor, gun reviews, range reports, e-Postal matches, RKBA articles, along with some fishing and other fiction and non-fiction posts.
Ninth Stage
A Competitive Shooter who, after all the other stages are shot, rests here at the Ninth Stage. Think of it as a Eleventh Frame for shooters.
Oscar Poppa
Duty, Honor, and The Republic.
Reason Engaged
Just use your head, it all makes sense.
Ride Fast & Shoot Straight
Motorcyles, firearms and how to use them.
Smokin' Barrel
A view from the eyes of a Christian husband, father, and gun nut
South Park Pundit
Hippies talk about changing the world, but they just smoke weed and smell bad. Gun talk, politics, academia and various other views from the bottom of California.
Take Aim, Fire
The right to keep and bear arms, liberty, rants, politics, using guns in self-defense -- stay tuned.
The Beagle Express
The Reloading Room
The Mad Hatter
A Gun Owner's View of the World as Seen From Alaska
The Smallest Minority
A blog dedicated to individual rights and responsibilities, with special emphasis on the right to arms; and whatever else I find interesting.
The War on Guns
Notes from the Resistance...

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