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The Resurrectionist
Online magazine published in print, dedicated to contemporary formal verse.
Pride soaring Poet
I like to think of depression as a state in which one is unfamiliar with the truth that pain and change is a vital part of life. Once one embraces this fact depression fades away. My pros are a reflection of this thinking.
A new site, supported by New Statesman, on which I place a satirical poem weekly (I was the NS poet from 1993-2002). Linked to billgreenwell.com, on which 500 poems (and other material) are due to appear before the autumn.
New Verse News, The
"Poetry is news that stays news," said Ezra Pound. The New Verse News is a journal of poetry on current issues and events. Although the editor and thus the site have a clearly liberal political bias, we welcome contrary views and verse.
Guide to Verse Forms
Verse forms described and explained, with examples. This site was conceived as a substitute for "How to be Well-Versed in Poetry" (which has been out of print for some time).
Labi Siffre - Into The Light
A journal in poetry, verse and occasional prose.
Poetry Space
Established by Bristol poet Susan Jane Sims, Poetry Space showcases the work of poets from across the globe and promotes interest in contemporary poetry.
Poetry by Kevin Offley
A website illustrating some of my work.
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Bryn Gerard
Bryn Gerard is an artist and poet from Liverpool. Tis site deals with the role of art in the evolution of man.
Jim's publishers site.