It's a page you create with information about your webring - what it's about, the membership rules, joining instructions and site admin information for members.

The page is aimed at your ring's members and propective members, and it should tell them all they need to know about membership of your webring.


A description of your webring
What's the ring's purpose? Write a short statement describing the purpose of your webring. What kind of sites do you want to attract as members? You can make your description tight (this is a webring for Weimariner dog owners only) or broad (this is a webring for dog owners of all breeds).

Rules for membership in your ring
You're the ringmaster so you set the rules for membership. Here's a few things you may want to think about, careful choice of words here will mean you spend less time sending refusal emails!

- Do you want commercial or adult sites to join?
- What kind of sites can't join?
- Do you want to specifiy what page/s the members can place the navigation code?
- How about setting a length of time for them to add the navigation code to their site?
- Do you allow changes to the appearance of the navigation panel?

Instructions on how to join your webring
A clear step-by-step set of instructions will certainly smooth the process for new members. Also include a link for people to join your ring and a link to get the code sample.

To make a join link use this URL (changing 'yourringid' at the end to your ring's id):

Member site admin link
It's a good idea to provide a log-in form on your webring home page so that your webring's members can edit their site's details, change their email address and site URL. Sample code is available on the Site Admin Forms page.

Other member admin info
Webmasters of your member sites will need to know what to do if their email or site URL changes. You'll also need to let them know how to move their site into the queue if it's going to be down temporarily. This is also the place to mention your 'queue policy' if you have one (length of time in queue, etc.).

A ringmaster email or contact link
Your member webmasters will sometimes need to contact you to ask questions or whatever. Make it easy and give them an email link or contact form to use.

There's no greater frustration to a member webmaster than an unavailable ringmaster that can't be contacted, it's a fast way to lose your membership and ruin your webring so make yourself available!

Instructions on how to leave your webring
Occasionally a member webmaster will want to leave your webring, a clear set of steps for them to take makes the process easy on everyone. If you've followed the steps above you'll already have a site admin link for them to use.

But it's important to remind leaving webmasters that they should remove the ring's code fragment from their site's page/s. For one thing it's simply untidy, and it becomes useless once the site is deleted.

And as the ringmaster you don't want these redundant, non-working navigation panels left behind to give your ring a bad name, do you? Also ask them to delete the ring graphic (if it's held on member's servers).