Post your webrings's home page URL to at least 2 search engines.,, and..?

Announce your webrings in the various announcement Lists. You may have to join each individual List to post to it.

Want to get your new webrings announced in the alt.webrings.announce newsgroup? Just send an e-mail to Debby T at with *webrings announce* in the subject line (Please be sure to include your system/ring home page address and your contact information in the message body so that replies or inquirers can be sent to you.)

Post your webrings to at least 2 directories.
World of Webrings - Webring Directory

Do a search on the topic or theme of your webrings. Visit the listed sites. If they are a good fit, send them an invitation.

Search for other webrings on your topic at the other less reliable webrings systems such as WebRing, SiteRing, and RingSurf. Visit some of the sites in those webrings. Send invitations to those sites that you would like to have join your more reliable alt-webring/Ringlink webrings.

Post your webrings to "free-for-all" lists, forums, and newsgroups related to the topic or theme of your ring (Do not spam these Newsgroups, and ensure that you read any guidelines before posting!).