HTML Comments

HTML comments are invisible to browsers, they won't show on your web page. They are used to add notes onto the web page, usually webmaster's information.

Commenting your code makes it easy for site members to define the beginning and end of your navigation panel code fragment, they look like this:

<!-- BEGIN XYZ Webring code -->
Your navigation panel code goes inside the comments here
<!-- END XYZ Webring code -->

Named Anchor

Include a named anchor in your webring's navigation panel, this is a good idea for a couple of reasons.

One is that it makes it easy to locate each member site's navigation panel quickly. When you type the URL into your browser to visit each member site simply add #xyzring to the end of the URL and you'll go straight to the panel, wherever it's located on their page.

The other reason is that there is a growing trend among Ringmasters to insist that members put a "Webring" link on their site's main navigation menu. The link includes your named anchor, so wherever they are in a site they can click this link and be taken straight to your ring's navigation panel.

This named anchor (attached to that link) helps to ensure that once surfers get inside a member site they can easily get back out again and continue their journey around the ring. This is one of the most complained-about aspects of webrings, people get into sites and can't find the ring panel to get out again, in effect it's breaking the ring.

Some site webmasters seem to take strange delight in hiding ring navigation panels in the oddest places! As a Ringmaster you'll catch onto this and can put a condition on your ring's home page to mention where member site's should put the panel.

A named anchor will look something like this:

<a name="xyzring"></a>

Title attribute on links

Want to know how to put (what look like) alt tags onto your links?

Make a normal link like this:
<a href="" target="_top">alt-webring</a>

And then add this to the code after the target attribute, before the first ">"
title="Powered by alt-webring"

To get a link that looks something like this:
<a href="" target="_top" title="Powered by alt-webring">alt-webring</a>

And a final result that looks like: alt-webring